Smart transit in a smart city

Smart city has been a vision for many countries since the last few decades. Some of the results of research are already being integrated and implemented in cities around the world. Nevertheless, the applications and future scenarios for a smart city are still active areas one finds in the research communities.

One of my particular interest areas revolves around smart mobility - how does one move around in a smart city? Can we acquire this information from most, if not all, of the members in a smart city? What kind of future applications can one build based on this information or even the insights it may bring? Smart transit will be the first area to begin with.

In my research, I propose the formation of an open data platform based on crowd-sourced transit information. Road warriors/Daily commuters can contribute their transit information as they travel, and the platform will collect and process them accordingly. What the community can obtain from the platform will be processed and usable data, suitable for app developers or stake holders interested in the implicit information/contexts the platform may provide.

The research focuses range from software engeineering for the platform, big data analytics, data/context security to transit modelling. One can also look into transdisciplinary work involving transport planning, human behaviour and even marketing research. If you have similar interests, feel free to drop me a message and we can chat about it. 

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