Pledge or not?

Came across this today:

truly a good movement I must say - I have observed so many people struggling and giving up on coding, because the learning just does not make sense. I have asked around and I think no one knows the $1000 answer that 100% uplift the burden any budding coder has.

But one thing may change this - I myself have not gone through complete coding-kungfu training. Many things I learn from mistakes, and use my curiosity plus determination to get things delivered. The most useful experience was working together with real developer. I am lucky to have worked with Niklas, my ex-colleague whom I regard as real cool software engineer a.k.a hacker :P Looking back, by comparing and mimicking his style alone helped me to write and code differently.

That's why I think hack.pledge()'s approach can be effective and useful - if only all curious and eager students can get the right mentorship, even if that's just 1 hour, he could have leaped hours ahead with the problem he faces. Learning from the expert is perhaps the next best thing. The truth is - expert does not mean you have to be a fed-on-caffeine 110% geek. You only need to put in the knowledge you have, share it with someone who is looking for it, and you are the expert for that recipient.

I will pledge 1 hour to my students, 1 hour per month. Starting from there, see how it will go.

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