Playing with a Raspberry Pi B - LCD display problem

I have recently bought a(nother) new Raspberry Pi - this round it is a Pi 3 B, and the whole set with case and LCD from Amazon UK. Everything looks beautiful, and only months after I have returned from the UK I get the chance to give it to my student for his final year project. After a week I got the bad news - he told me the unit does not work (and apparently we cannot find the pre-installed Raspbian micro SD card, but that's the smallest problem). So I took the unit back yesterday, and to our pleasant surprise it does boot up and the unit is healthy and working. It must be the cable he was using that gave the wrong impression..

Anyhow, I've gotten the NOOBS imaged downloaded and prepared on a 16GB card, and installed the latest Raspbian on this unit without problem today. Next is to get the Waveshare 3.2" LCD working. According to the Waveshare Wiki page, it can be done pretty easily by executing the provided command. But the instruction seems to be breaking the system - after issuing the LCD32-show command I ended up with a kernel panic message, saying it could not mount the partition. A quick search gave the following instruction: It has to do with the numbering of the Root partition of the latest Raspbian - instead of /dev/mmcblk0p2 as what Waveshare assume, we need to change it to /dev/mmcblk0p7 for our set up. After that, it just worked :)

Now when the unit is ready, time to get the cameras installed for next step.

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