It's soon the end of 2015!

Time flies. how true.I have "rebooted" this blog by thinking I should write more. Guess what, after a few updates at the beginning of 2015 - nothing much practically happened here since then. In real-life, many things happened. It was a great year with interesting research carried out, publications accepted and quite some travelling done. Teaching wise I have again explored a few more things to hopefully better gauge the needs and outcome. All in all, a fruitful year. The following is kind of a short summary (remind me if I missed something):

  • Student activities - I can't say I have managed to carry out everything - hackathons and competitions are ok - some nice things like a joint-hackathon for SunU, APU and HELP students. Nice weekend spent. AngelHack @ Sunway was really nice for students and me - great experience to see how people work so intensively over a weekend for their beliefs. Leonardy made us proud by winning with his team both in the Singapore and global MastersOfCode hackathons.
  • Research - the indoor localisation work has finally moved on slowly with the few students I have recruited in March. We managed to survey the premises, built models and published 2 papers. This is by no means the end - more work will be carried out in 1st half of 2016. The EEG project has also a few students joining the team. We just need to get the machine learning part up asap. The smart transit one has picked up its momentum with a publication and a few talks. In 2016, focus will be placed on the smart mobility vision - how do we manage and track as well as exploit mobility information in a smart city. 
  • Teaching - teaching programming and architecture have been pretty fun (not sure if it's the same for my students). There is so much to learn from the students when we explore new stuffs together. I often argue and propose that the classic one-way lecture approach is no longer the only way to teach - it has to be focused on encouraging learning and knowledge acquisition. Programming is typically the problematic area - not all students are inspired and will enjoy programming, while you cannot simply avoid it. Being able to tackle this problem will help us to train students differently, if not better. 

Looking forward, this entry will just be a mark to remind me to write more bite-size updates, perhaps more like a journal for everything I do at my current job, in order to remind myself how well things have been when I look back. It would be good to also have a better way to reflect when it comes to end of 2016 (and many more years to come), so that every (new) year will be another opportunity to continue the growth. Cheers!

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